This home was built in 1963 and took 3 years to complete. Laurence Rockefeller, who was just starting to develop the Rock Resorts, helped Lurline Matson Roth search out the ideal location for year round weather, privacy and beaches to build her dream home.

Their combined efforts resulted in finding the most unique property on the Kohala coastline, eventually leading to the creation of the Mauna Kea Beach Resort on one side, and Maumai on the other side.

Due to the environment and oceanfront setting, the home was constructed of solid concrete and copper roofs to keep the house cool in the warmer months. The interiors of the house were built from native Hawaiian Koa woods, originally used by the Hawaiians to construct canoes, furniture and their home interiors, which has long been a Hawaiian tradition.

The home has been furnished with a collection of rare antiques and artwork from Lurlines travels to the South Pacific and Asia, as well as from the Royal Hawaiian and many other hotels she had once owned and operated. Lurline Matson Roth was the only daughter of Captain William Matson, founder of the Matson Navigation company in 1901.

Many milestones in the company's history include such diversified interests as oil exploration, military services, the introduction of containerization, and even-briefly- the airline business. Most people however, fondly associate the name Matson for its luxurious passenger liners and hotels.